OPN-305 presents TLR Therapeutics with the ability to block a key target in a manner that could mechanistically synergize with existing treatments for a more profound clinical outcome. TLR Therapeutics is developing TLR2-antagonizing antibodies for the treatment of MDS and gastric cancer among other oncology indications. 


The blood cell dysplasia known as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and gastric cancer is separate but related diseases.


In some cases, MDS can develop secondary to gastric cancer perhaps due to the chemotherapies or radiation used to treat primary cancer (Godara, 2021).


In other cases gastric cancer can develop subsequent to MDS (Yu, 2018).


The World Health Organization (WHO) classification of MDS includes “therapy-related” (t-MDS) (Hoffman, 2015).


Both gastric cancer and MDS are characterized by the hallmark of chronic inflammation (Chee, 2021) (Fox & Wang, 2007)